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Rock Wishes Do Come True

Guys, guys, guys… guess what….


I’ve been nerding out over this since Tuesday afternoon when the full lineup was announced. Rocklahoma’s booking agency generally does a great job of arranging a mix of established acts, young up and coming bands, and legitimately legendary groups. 2015 is no exception, with acts like Tesla, Slayer, and Anthrax grouped with Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and In This Moment. Young bands like Nasty Habit, Black Tora, and Like A Storm have the chance to play a huge festival, attended by 50,000 or more rabid, madly devoted music fanatics. Tickets are available at the website http://www.rocklahoma.com

Here’s the full lineup for anyone who might be interested.

rock 15

See you in Oklahoma, freaks! Got to go start packing! (What…. too soon?)