An introduction

2009. I’m not sure how or why the discussion happened, but my good friend Brandye brought up the fact that Motley Crue were touring on Cruefest II that year. I don’t remember how we decided to go, but we did. I was in graduate school at the time, so taking a few days off wasn’t a big deal. Brandye works for the greatest boss in the world, so it wasn’t a problem for her to get away either. We decided on Indianapolis, Indiana as our destination, because the night before Cruefest, Jimmy Buffett was playing the same venue. So, the Parrothead and the Cruehead took a trip to see our heroes. It was fate.

Five years and MANY festivals later, I still road trip with Brandye whenever we can. Since we are two music nut friends with no kids and a little bit of disposable income, we hit whatever concerts and festivals happen to catch our interest in a particular year. Some have been one-time trips, never to be repeated. Some have become a yearly tradition. There are more inside jokes and stories than you could possibly imagine. And year after year, we keep trying to spread the word of the right way and the wrong way to ‘do’ a music road trip.

So, welcome to my blog attempt to spread the good word. I hope to consolidate information about various music festivals and events across the US. I’ve had problems in the past trying to locate information for a ‘new’ trip, such as what the crowd is like, what management is like, venue layouts and tips on navigating crowds, or what that one ‘must-have’ item is for a particular event. I’ll be posting about past events and upcoming events, hotels and motels, venues, management issues, crowds, food, and any other information that might be relevant. As you might have noticed, I’m a bit of a planner, and can be pretty O.C.D. about preparation.

Here we go, friends and freaks. Time to rock!

Brandye and I with John Allen, lead singer of Charm City Devils, at Cruefest II in 2009.
Brandye and I with John Allen, lead singer of Charm City Devils, at Cruefest II in 2009.

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